2019 Car Audio Championship

Contestant Checklist
Each competitor must bring the following items with them to the show.
  • REQUIRED - Locking Gas Cap or Duct Tape to seal your gas cap.
  • REQUIRED - Drip Pan - All competitors must have a commercially available drip pan. Competition vehicles without a drip pan will be removed from the facility.

Required Documents
Each competitor will be required to bring copies of the following documents with them to the show. You must provide these documents to the registration desk upon sign-in.
  • REQUIRED - Competitor Registration Form for EACH Organization (signed & dated)
  • REQUIRED - Contestant Checklist and Show Policies (this document - signed & dated)

Zero Tolerance Checklist
The Convention Center has a Zero-Tolerance policy with regards to the following rules. Any competitor found to be in violation of any of these rules will have their vehicle removed from the facility.
  • Read the Fire Marshal Policy - Any competitor who violates ANY Fire Marshall policy will be removed from the facility.
  • Make sure you don't have more than 1/4 tank of fuel in your vehicle. Vehicles with more than 1/4 tank of fuel will not be allowed inside of the facility.
  • Make sure that you don't have ANY fuel leaking out of your vehicle. Any vehicle that is found to be leaking fuel will be removed from the facility.
  • Armor-All or similar products may NOT be used inside of the facility.
  • Power tools (with the exception of cordless drills) may NOT be used inside of the facility.
  • Competitors may only run their vehicle while in the judging lanes. You may NOT run your vehicle in your pit stall or while waiting in the staging lanes.
  • All vehicles must be pushed to and from the judging lanes.

Policy Regarding Facilities Damage
Competitors will be held accountable for any damage that they cause at the event.
  • Each competitor is responsible for his or her assigned pit stall. Please inspect your pit stall carefully prior to moving in to the facility. If there is existing damage, it must be reported in writing to the registration desk prior to occupying the pit stall.
  • By participating in the event, the competitor agrees to pay for any and all damages caused by the competitor or due to the competitor's actions. Payment for damages will be required prior to the conclusion of the event.

Competitor Acceptance
The undersigned agrees to the terms listed above and does hereby release and hold harmless the Car Audio Championship, its management, sponsors, and exhibitors from any and all liability and / or damages sustained by the competitor or others including, but not limited to, personal injury, damages to motor vehicles, equipment, or other personal property during the competitorís participation in the Car Audio Championship event.

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Print this form, sign it, and bring it with you to the check-in booth at the Car Audio Championship.

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