2019 Car Audio Championship

Recommended Fire Code Check List

The following is a brief list of the most common code violations.

  1. Vehicles
    • Maximum of 1/4 fuel in the tank.
    • Cap on fuel tank to be secured (locked or taped).
    • Vehicles not to be fueled or de-fueled inside building.
  2. Electrical
    • Only heavy duty extension cords are allowed (no light weight, i.e. brown, white, etc. cords are allowed).
    • Only one (1) piece of equipment is to be plugged into extension cord.
    • Extension cords not be run through door ways, under floor coverings or anywhere it might be damaged.
    • Multi-plug adapters are not allowed.
    • Listed surge protectors/power taps and over current protection (fuse or circuit breaker) are allowed.
    • Surge protectors are not to be plugged together.
    • Surge protectors are to be plugged directly into an outlet. Not allowed to be plugged into an extension cord.
    • A minimum of a 30-inch clearance must be maintained to ALL electrical panels located in the building.
    • Any temporary wiring shall comply with the requirements of the Indiana Electrical Code. (i.e. any wiring done for temporary lighting, equipment displays, etc.)
  3. Exits
    • All exits are to be kept clear & unobstructed.
    • Exit aisles are to be kept clear.
    • Exit signs are to be unbstructed and visible.
    • Drapes and other items not to be hung over exit doors.
  4. Fire Protection Equipment
    • Fire alarm pull stations are not to be blocked or obstructed.
    • Fire alarm strobes are not to be blocked or obstructed.
    • Fire Extinguishers are not to be blocked or obstructed.
    • Fire hose and hose connections are not to be blocked or obstructed.
  5. Miscellaneous
    • Propane tanks are not allowed inside buildings.
    • All compressed gas cylinders are to be secured at all times to prevent being tipped or knocked over.
    • Smoking is PROHIBITED in all buildings.

By participating in the Car Audio Championship, the undersigned competitor agrees to abide by all of the Fire Marshall rules and regulations listed above. (Please print, sign and date this form and mail it along with your Competitor Registration or bring it with you to the registration table at the Finals.)

Signature _____________________________________________________________     Date _____________________

Print this form, sign it, and bring it with you to the check-in booth at the Car Audio Championship.

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