United States Patent


Patent Number: 5,339,362

Date of Patent: August 16, 1994

Inventor: Wayne Harris, Higley, Arizona

Assignee: Rockford Corporation, Tempe, Arizona.

Application No: 819,365

Filed: January 7, 1992


A modular automotive audio system includes a controller housing and an amplifier housing to be mounted within the vehicle trunk and a remote control for use within the passenger compartment. Modular signal processing components are received within the controller housing, and modular amplifier components are received within the amplifier housing. A controller module within the controller housing provides control for all signal processing components. The controller module polls all positions within the controller housing to determine which components are installed, and then the controller module configures itself via software to provide the control functions. Optionally, non-audio electronic components can also be received within the controller housing for common control by the system.

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