Psychlone Competition
©2006 Wayne Harris


Psychlone is a new format of competition. There is a good chance that minor changes to the rules will be implemented as we gain experience judging vehicles that compete in this format. Please check back periodically to review the latest revision of the rules.


Psychlone is a new format of competition designed to capture the original excitement of a great sounding aftermarket car stereo installation. This format is also designed to cater to the vast majority of auto sound enthusiasts who design and build their systems to sound great at moderate to high listening levels. All of the original, "old school", elements of car stereo competition are integrated into Psychlone judging.

Psychlone Classes

Classes are based on the sum total of ALL discrete loudspeakers in the vehicle (subs, midranges, tweeters, etc.) Examples:

2 subwoofers + 2 rear midranges + 2 rear tweeters + 2 front midranges + 2 front tweeters = 10 speakers total

2 subwoofers + 2 rear co-axials + 2 front co-axials + 2 front mid-bass woofers = 8 speakers total

Note: Co-Axial and Tri-Axial speakers shall be counted as a single speaker

General Rules



A perfect score is 336 points.

SPL Judging

Maximum Score (SPL): 136 points

RTA Judging

The RTA and SPL scores will be computed simultaneously.

Maximum Score (RTA): 100 points

Installation Judging

Ten points shall be added for each of the following...

Maximum Score (Installation): 100 points

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